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Recipe for Plantain Oil & Info

Recipe for Plantain Oil:

Harvest the green plantain leaves, clean them in cool water and dry off all moisture. Tightly pack the leaves into a clean, dry jar. Completely cover the leaves with olive oil. Place the jar out of direct sunlight and keep at room temperature for six weeks. Every day for the first week, top off the oil so that it completely covers the leaves. After six weeks, strain out the plant material and the plantain oil is now ready for use. Transfer the oil to brown bottles, preferably, or a glass jar away from direct sunlight.
Note: You should always consult with your health practitioner before undertaking any new herbal or alternative course of treatment.

plantain grows on most lawns, along with common dandelions.Plantain does not have a blossom, it only has a compact seed head that shoots upward and turns from green to brown as the seeds mature.Plantain is both edible and medicinal, and it is a first-choice remedy for many skin ailments. All parts of the plant, including the seeds, are usable.It is an excellent astringent to stop bleeding and promote the healing of cuts, skin infections and poison ivy. The root of plantain can be chewed to ease the pain of toothaches.It is safe and effective for bee stings, bleeding, bruises, insect bites, hemorrhoids, and itchy skin. When used as an appetite suppressant, it may even lower cholesterol.

Plantain can be used as poultice, you can chop a plantain leaf with a knife or other sharp instrument, add a little water and apply it to a wound. For an emergency treatment when camping or at the park you can make a poultice for insect bites and bee stings from the leaves of the plantain plant by chewing a plantain leaf, placing it on the wound, and covering it with a band-aid or strip of cloth to hold it in place. A plantain poultice can also be used for drawing out splinters or thorns.

Natural Insect Repellent info & recipe

It's very easy to make your own natural mosquito repellent. These natural products will effectively repel mosquitoes, but they require more frequent reapplication (at least every 2 hours) and higher concentrations than DEET.
Because of the differences between types of mosquitoes, products that contain multiple repellents tend to be more effective than those containing a single ingredient.

Sample :

Natural Insect Repellent
app: 2 ozs.
20 drops eucalyptus oil
20 drops cedarwood oil
10 drops tea tree oil
10 drops geranium oil
2 oz carrier oil ( jojoba , sweet almond, olive etc.)
Mix together in a 4 oz container. Apply to skin as needed.
Avoid eye area.
Test on a small area of skin.
You can try different oils to your liking .

different Oils to maybe try are:

Citronella Oil
Lemon Eucalyptus Oil
Cinnamon Oil
Castor Oil
Rosemary Oil
Lemongrass Oil
Cedar Oil
Peppermint Oil
Clove Oil
Geranium Oil
Possibly Oils from Verbena, Pennyroyal, Lavender, Pine, Cajeput, Basil, Thyme, Allspice, Soybean, and Garlic

If you are making large amounts of insect repellent, a good rule of thumb is to mix the repellent so it's 5-10% essential oil, so mix 1 part essential oil with 10-20 parts carrier oil or alcohol. For a smaller batch use:
10-25 drops (total) of essential oils
2 tablespoons of a carrier oil or alcohol

The essential oils that work well against biting insects (mosquitoes, flies, ticks, fleas) are:cinnamon oil (mosquitoes)
lemon eucalyptus or regular eucalyptus oil (mosquitoes, ticks, and lice)
citronella oil (mosquitoes and biting flies)
castor oil (mosquitoes)
orange oil (fleas)
rose geranium (ticks and lice)
Safe carrier oils and alcohols include:olive oil
sunflower oil
any other cooking oil
witch hazel

Natural Insect Repellent Recipe
Mix the essential oil with the carrier oil or alcohol.
Rub or spray the natural insect repellent onto skin or clothing, using care to avoid the sensitive eye area. You'll need to re-apply the natural product after about an hour or after swimming or exercise. Unused natural insect repellent may be stored in a dark bottle, away from heat or sunlight.

Itch Relief Salve Recipe

Itch Relief Salve

( Good for posion ivy, posion oak etc.)

1 pint Olive Oil

2 ounces Beeswax

1 tablespoon Chickweed Powder

1 tablespoon Comfrey Powder

1 tsp. Vit E

Put chickweed and comfrey powder into olive oil and simmer 3 hours.

Strain and add beeswax and Vit E . Pour into salve jars or tins.

Many other Herbs can also be infused into your olive oil that aids in itching and also soothing

examples are chamomile, calendula,thyme, marshmallow rt.,lavender as well as many essentail oils can be added for soothing properties also..the list is endless and the more you work with slaves and herbs the more you learn to adapt to what your needs are..

EO list of possible uses

Bayleaf Essential oil for relieving rheumatism.
Bergamot Essential oil for colds, bronchitis systems, i.e. chest rub.
Caraway Essential oil for antiseptic quality.
Cardamon Essential oil for aphrodisiac quality.
Clary Sage Essential oil for anti-ainflammatory, aphrodisiac and scalp problems
Cedar Essential oil for relieving Chronic anxiety and stress.
Citronella Essential oil for making a insect repellent salve.
Eucalyptus Essential oil for chest rub, relieves congestion, eases breathing.
Frankincense Essential oil for asthma and other respiratory problems.
Gardenia Essential oil for chest rub, said to relieve flu conditions, fever, hypertension and palpitations.
Juniper Essential oil for emotionally cleansing effect. Calms the nerves.
Orange Essential oil for a lighter body lotion, said to relax, relieve sexual apprehension, and is antiseptic and antibactericidal.
Patchouli Essential oil for antiseptic, aphrodisiac qualities.
Rosemary Essential oil for relieving tired muscles.
Tea Tree Essential oil for Antiseptic, antifungal, antiviral qualities.

base lip salve

You can very easily make your own lip salve by combining 5 parts olive oil with 1 part melted beeswax. You can adjust how hard your salve is by adding more oil to make it softer or adding more melted beeswax to make it firmer.

Comfrey Salve

The Most useful Herbal Salve to have on Hand is Comfrey , especially when you have children around.Comfrey is a cell regenerative herb which promotes superfast healing, helps relieve pain on contact. Comfrey Salve is excellent for scrapes , burns,cuts,abrasions, and any number of general wounds. Wounds tend to heal extremely fast and most times with no scars.. Add Golden Seal to the mix and it is also good to help fight infection while it is healing

Homemade Salves

Made some new batches today,which include, Plaintain Salve- Itchy Salve - Calendula Salve-Comfrey Salve-Drawing Salve (black) Healing Salve...Many more to come...Got a Honey Propolis Bar of soap almost ready , Lots of other soaps still available, along with homemade lotions and our newest lotion which is made with beeswax and goatsmilk. Com on By and Give local and natural a try....