Friday, September 9, 2011

Honey barbecue beef jerky

Honey barbecue beef jerky is a popular homemade jerky flavor to make.


o 3/4 c honey

o 1/2 c ketchup

o 1/4 c butter (1/2 stick)

o 1 tbsp vinegar

o 2 tsp Dijon style mustard

o 2 tbsp brown sugar

o 1 tbsp soy sauce

o 1 clove garlic, put through a press

o chili powder optional, use to taste

o 1 lb of meat


1. Slice meat in thin strips.

2. In a bowl, combine all ingredients of marinade and mix well.

3. Simmer ingredients for about five minutes. Let cool.

4. Place meat 3-4 layers deep in a container, spooning sauce mixture over each layer.

5. Cover tightly and marinate 6-12 hours in the refrigerator, stirring occasionally.

6. Layout on trays, 24 to 36 hours in dehydrator (or follow directions for oven).

When done, the honey barbecue flavor will have been absorbed in every thread of the meat, giving the jerky a lovely blend of that honey barbecue taste our tastebuds have grown to like.

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